George Stephanopoulos Claims the 'Deep State' Is 'Filled with Patriots'


Clinton White House press secretary turned ABC talking head George Stephanopoulos declared that the “deep state” is “filled with patriots” during Tuesday’s broadcast of “The View.”

Despite once mocking claims about the existence of “the deep state” as a right-wing “conspiracy theory,” a number of leftist pundits have admitted that the deep state is not only real but is an essential part of American life.

The term “deep state,” popularized by former President Donald Trump during the Russian collusion hoax, refers to unelected bureaucrats who act as a fourth branch of government.

Stephanopoulos spoke about the term on “The View” to promote his new book, “The Situation Room: The Inside Story of Presidents in Crisis.”

“I interviewed about 100 duty officers from the White House and these are people, they’re relatively young, people who come from all over the government,” he said.

“The CIA, DIA, the Defense Department, military, and some people like to call those people the deep state,” he added.


“Well, the big thing I learned doing this book is that the deep state is packed with patriots.”

“People who go to work every single day on the frontlines of the most intense crises the country faces and do it to serve their country and to serve the presidency, not the president.”

“They don’t care about political parties. They’re there to serve the presidency and the institution,” Stephanopoulos continued.

Stephanopoulos isn’t the only one who has admitted the deep state’s existence.

The New York Times published a piece titled “It Turns Out The Deep State Is Actually Kind Of Awesome” back in March.

The piece claims that when Trump vows to destroy the deep state, he is talking about friendly government workers with no political leanings.

While the piece totally ignores any reference to the intelligence agencies, it does, however, spotlight a scientist who monitors asteroids, an EPA official who eliminates lead pipes, and a Department of Labor official who stops illegal child labor.

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