George Soros gives ‘TikTok Army’ of pro-Joe Biden activists at least $300K to push leftism on young voters


Far-left billionaire George Soros is once again meddling in the United States presidential election in support of the Democrat Party. The controversial philanthropist has donated more than $300,000 to an “army of Gen-Z TikTokers” to get them to praise President Biden and push extreme-left policies such as defunding the police, ending cash bail, and abolishing federal border enforcement agencies.

The New York Post reports that Soros’ Open Society Foundation granted the nonprofit Accelerate Action Inc. $5.5 million in 2020 and 2021, according to tax filings. Accelerate Action Inc. then provided at least $300,000 to Gen Z for Change, another nonprofit with a network of 500 “activists, organizers, and creators,” in 2022.

Gen Z for Change, which was formerly known as “TikTok for Biden,” organizes its network of influencers to create videos that slam conservatives and support Democrat policies such as gun control, racial justice, illegal immigration, climate change, and anti-police legislation.

However, the nonprofit doesn’t just use Chinese-owned and operated TikTik for their activism. According to its website, Gen Z for Change mobilizes “a network of influential users across TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, who together have access to over 500 million people.”

President Biden and his administration utilize the nonprofit as woke foot soldiers of the Democrat Party.

The Post revealed that White House officials briefed the nonprofit on Biden’s ongoing efforts in Ukraine in 2022. In return, the group’s influencers made videos in support of the President’s actions.

Gen Z for Change was also invited to the White House to see the Inflation Reduction Act signed as a thank-you for their contributions.

In addition, the nonprofit’s influencers were invited to the Oval Office to sit in meetings with President Biden surrounding the Wuhan coronavirus.

Aidan Kohn-Murphy, founder of Gen Z for Change, who has a TikTik following of more than 288,000 people,>told his social media audience on Wednesday: “We are unequivocally supportive of Medicare for all, the Green New Deal, Palestinian liberation, [and] a plethora of progressive policies that a vast majority of Gen Z supports.”

@aidanpleasestoptalking Revealing the truth behind @Gen-Z for Change #bernoutdeadendersforhalfasshasthtagwhining #genzforchange ♬ original sound – Aidan Kohn-Murphy

According to Kohn-Murphy’s speaker profile, the young activist has overseen partnerships with the White House, the DNC, Fair Fight, Made to Save, March On, Climate Power, and more.

The $8.3 million allocated to Accelerate Action for 2020 and 2021 was largely funded by Soros. Accelerate Action is the only nonprofit that has donated to Gen Z for Change, according to the most recent publicly accessible tax data, the outlet reports.

It has not yet been revealed how Gen Z for Change distributes the Soros funding to its young influencer activists, whose accounts are strewn with talking points from the White House and far-left politicians.

House Rep. Elie Stefanik (R-NY) slammed George Soros in a statement to the NY Post, saying that he is “funding the next generation of far-left activists on a platform that is beholden to the [Chinese Communist Party].”

There’s no question that Soros has had a highly controversial influence in American politics on behalf of the Democrat Party. Soros has put millions of dollars behind the campaigns of far-left district attorneys, who are responsible for the lack of prosecution that has turned the criminal justice system into a revolving door for repeat offenders.

Earlier this month, George’s son Alex, who is taking over the Open Society Foundation from his 93-year-old father, penned an op-ed for Politico that revealed the Foundation’s next mission—preventing Donald Trump from serving another term in the White House.

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