Gaetz Joins Bishop’s Cause, Will Vote No on McCarthy-Biden Debt Deal



Congressman Dan Bishop of North Carolina was one of the first members of Congress to come out against the McCarthy- Biden debt deal. Conservative firebrands Matt Gaetz and Lauren Boebert have joined Bishop in pledging to vote no on the deal. McCarthy and Biden’s deal has also lost the support of major McCarthy allies like Rep. Kat Mccormick. McCarthy will now have to rely on Democrat votes to get this deal passed. Bishop has also said removing Speaker McCarthy is on the table.

Gaetz tweeted Tuesday evening, “I will be voting NO on the Biden/McCarthy debt limit legislation this week. Here’s what happens next.”

Lauren Boebert called out members of Congress supporting the deal, tweeting that voting yes is stabbing the American people in the back “The debt ceiling deal is classic Washington DC swamp garbage. This Congress promised to be different. Supporting this deal is stabbing the American people directly in the back.”

Dozens of other lawmakers have joined Bishop’s cause. Interestingly, Kat Cammack, who is one of Speaker McCarthy’s strongest allies, announced she will be voting no on the deal, tweeting, “Absolutely no one wants to default but this current deal is unacceptable. I have read this bill twice and as the language currently stands, I will be voting no to raise the debt ceiling. I fought hard to get our bill, the REINS Act (which is the largest regulatory reform in history and would save taxpayers over $2 trillion annually) in the first House bill. It has since been cut from the package. In short, you can cut and cap spending, but if you don’t change the way we do business in Washington and rein big government in–nothing will ever change.”

Marjorie Taylor Greene is a key name missing from the list of no’s. So far, Rep. Green has been supporting the deal on Twitter, despite the fact that the MAGA base she claims to represent is against the deal.

Speaker McCarthy will now have to rely on Democrats to get his deal with Biden passed.

This as Rep. Bishop says, removing Speaker McCarthy is on the table, telling Politico, “Absolutely, “It is inescapable to me. It has to be done.”

The vote on the Biden-McCarthy Deal is set for Wednesday. Bishop, Gaetz, and other members are urging Americans to call their Representatives and encourage them to vote on the deal.

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