Free Speech Fraud: Team DeSantis Calls Cops on Loomer for Standing on FL Sidewalk


Last Updated on October 6, 2023

It turns out Governor DeSantis is not the free speech supporter he presents himself to be. Team DeSantis dispatched Florida law enforcement on Laura Loomer for standing on the sidewalk outside a campaign event, despite Loomer having a ticket to the event and being a journalist. As Governor, DeSantis has been attempting to limit the free speech of Floridians.

Loomer posted on X, “WATCH: Today@RonDeSantis called the cops on me and had me cited with a trespass notice by @TampaPD after I showed up to attend his Presidential campaign event, which I had a ticket to! It’s time for @RonDeSantis to DROP OUT! Polls today have him at 9% nationally. #Trump2024”

In another post, Loomer shared a photo of the ticket she received from the Tampa Police. Loomer captioned the photo writing, “Here’s evidence that I was TRESPASSED at @RonDeSantis’s campaign event in Tampa, Florida today even though I had a ticket under my real name! He had the cops give me a Trespass order, and so now I am banned from returning to The Vault for an entire year. I had a ticket. #MAGA”

DeSantis attempts to sell himself to GOP voters as a supporter of free speech. However, DeSantis’ actions prove this is not the case. Before announcing a presidential run, DeSantis and his Florida legislative allies attempted to pass the Florida Blogger Bill.

During her debate with Bill Mitchell, Loomer described the Florida Blogger Bill, saying, “The bill stated that if you wanted to even talk about Ron DeSantis positively or negatively, you had to get approval from the state first and you had to get a license in order to actually write about him. If you didn’t have the license, you would be in violation. Look it up, it’s called the Florida Blogger Bill.”

DeSantis’determination to kill free speech is likely one of the major reasons the Florida Governor is polling at around 9% nationally. GOP voters have figured DeSantis’ scams out.

Las Vegas News Magazine

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