Former Minister of Truth continually attacked by the Right makes TIME’s top 100 people in AI


We haven’t checked TIME Magazine’s whole lists of the 100 most influential people in AI yet so we don’t know if Vice President Kamala Harris, who’s been pegged by the White House to keep an eye on artificial intelligence and sat down with some of America’s leaders in tech to discuss it.

Omri Ceren was amused to see former Minister of Truth Nina Jankowicz on the list. She’s got a new gig now as vice president for the Center for Information Resilience. She’s also a master of disinformation and dismissed Hunter Biden’s laptop as “a fairytale” about a computer repair shop.

TIME writes:

But hours into her appointment, the then 33-year-old became the target of a sustained disinformation campaign herself. Right-wing trolls on the internet waged continuous attacks that included allegations that she was transgender and infertile.

If we’d seen those we’d probably have done a post. Most of the “continuous attacks” we saw were people retweeting her old tweets about how the laptop was fake and the Steele dossier was real.


Maybe they said she “couldn’t have kids” …

TIME also gets in digs at prominent Republicans and Fox News for having something to say about an unelected Disinformation Governance Board being formed.


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