Former Defense Contractor Patrick Wyett Explains How To Know You’re Being Deceived


Patrick “No Compromise with Evil” Wyett joins this episode of The Jeff Dornik Show to discuss his upcoming book, Darkened Pulpits. 

It’s obvious that the Left runs the show when it comes to our government, the mainstream media, entertainment, education and even Big Business. However, we have to remember that this has been a systematic takeover that’s taken place over the past century.

Now that they have virtually unlimited power, we are experiencing gaslighting, propaganda and deception at unprecedented levels within American history. Every day it’s becoming more difficult to figure out what’s true and what’s false. 

My good friend Patrick Wyett is a former defense contractor, Christian podcasters (co-host of The Shining Light Podcast along with Pastor Sam Jones) and author of the new book Darkened Pulpits. During this episode of The Jeff Dornik Show we discussed a lot of the deceptive tactics we are witnessing today and how to tell what’s actually going on.

Much of it revolves around Christian discernment, which is something that Believers are blessed with once the Holy Spirit comes into their life. But even beyond that, we have to take the time to actually look at what is being claimed and how it lines up with what we know to be true.

We can also look at the world through a Biblical and conservative worldview, which then makes looking beyond the gaslighting much easier. Once you figure out what you believe, the rest of the world just begins to make sense.

However, having the proper worldview takes plenty of time of study, Bible reading and prayer. Now’s the time to get started with that.

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