Former Capitol Police officer guilty of interference with Jan. 6 probe – JP


“The grand jury proceeding is about the January 6 Capitol breach, not Officer Riley’s messages about fishing,” Macchiaroli said.

Riley testified in his own defense, arguing that Hiles’ initial Facebook post did not seem to indicate a grand jury would be involved. “Nothing in his post about being pushed into the building would indicate there would be a grand jury proceeding related to anything he had done,” Riley said.

Riley testified that the post, to him, “did not seem like he meant to go in the building,” Riley said.

On the scene

Riley was one of the first officers to respond to the bomb found outside the Republican National Committee building on Jan. 6, 2021. Riley, who was a K-9 officer at the time with a dog trained to find explosives, later searched cars around the building.

After responding to the RNC, Riley went to the Dirksen Senate Office Building to help treat one of the Capitol Police officers injured in the attack.

Las Vegas News Magazine

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