Ford CEO Takes US Road Trip in EV Truck, but Reality Sets in When He Tries to Charge It


Ford CEO Jim Farley, who took his electric car (EV) on a road trip across the American West, got a “reality check” when the vehicle needed charging.

In a video posted a video to X, Farley can be seen taking a trip across the Western United States, where he admitted he was hit with a “really good reality check” when trying to charge the vehicle.


According to Farley, it took 40 minutes in charging time to get up to just 40 percent charge on his car.

In comparison, a gas-powered vehicle would take just minutes.

He went on to stress the “importance of fast charging” for his customers.

Farley said he had stopped at “one of the most popular charging sites in the country on the I-5” and still faced trouble getting a decent charge.

Of course, this story isn’t unique.

Last year, a study in the San Francisco Bay area found that of23% of public chargers were classified as “non-functioning.”

Earlier this year, the Biden administration released a fact sheet covering investments of up to $55 billion in EV charging stations.

The fact sheet touted the accomplishment: “This shows how effectively the Biden-Harris Administration has catalyzed private investment in a race to line our highways and roads with public chargers.”

The Biden administration announced one million will be “Level 2 charging” stations out of the chargers to be installed.

According to, a level two charger enables a vehicle to drive between 12-80 miles on an hour-long charge.

Last month, the Daily Fetched reported that the Ford Motor Company had projected a $4.5 billion loss for electric vehicles in its second-quarter financial results for 2023.

The figure is nearly twice its $2.1 billion loss on its Model E division in 2022.

Despite the EV losses, Ford posted a $1.9 billion net income bringing in $45 billion in net revenue.

The company also earned $2.4 billion in its commercial division, Ford Pro, while its gas and hybrid division, Ford Blue, earned $2.3 billion.

Ford CEO Jim Farley said, “The near-term pace of EV adoption will be a little slower than expected, which is going to benefit early movers like Ford.”

“EV customers are brand loyal, and we’re winning lots of them with our high-volume, first-generation products; we’re making smart investments in capabilities and capacity around the world; and, while others are trying to catch up, we have clean-sheet, next-generation products in advanced development that will blow people away.”

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