Florida will recover from Ian… our broken politics are another story entirely


As a longtime Central Florida resident who has weathered many a storm, the one thing I can say with certainty is that the only consistency when it comes to hurricanes is that there are no consistencies.

Another consistency is that the left, which includes the corporate media, will weaponize natural disasters and use them to besmirch Republicans. I saw this underway last week long before Ian hit land, as seen in a tweet I posted last Monday noting attacks on Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis — interestingly, the editor of a state media outlet deleted the tweet I was responding to:

Hurricane Ian was a large and destructive Category 4 hurricane that caused widespread damage after making landfall on Wednesday just north of where Hurricane Irma did in 2017 — their paths took very different courses once on land, with Irma doing far more damage for me personally.

The 2017 storm leveled my backyard fence, though, to be fair, it was in need of being replaced, which I would do personally after Irma’s nudging. And I can happily report my handiwork held up fine, helped along I’m sure by Ian being downgraded to a tropical storm by the time it reached my area last week.

Overall, with the worst weather hitting us in the wee hours Thursday, we were very fortunate, dealing mostly with debris raining down from an oak tree in our front yard.

Today, one full week since my tweet above about DeSantis being attacked, the left has “DeSatan” trending on Twitter. This follows the hashtags #RemoveRon and #DeSantisDestroysFlorida making the rounds. In effect, the left is exploiting deaths brought on by a natural disaster in the hope it will harm a man widely seen as the future of the post-Trump Republican Party.

The media has been busy stirring up hype over what it has deemed to be a delayed evacuation order in hard hit Lee County, with CNN keeping close tabs on the death toll — I almost expect the network to start running an hourly tab on screen, much like they did during the height of the pandemic. The focus here being on Gov. DeSantis, of course.

Projections had the massive storm making landfall somewhere near Tampa with some earlier models showing it striking even further up the Florida Gulf Coast. However, as Ian neared Florida, forecasters changed those projections along with the timing.

The New York Times is leading the controversy over the alleged late evacuation order, even though the newspaper reported on Tuesday the changing conditions.

“Forecasters moved up their projected landfall for the storm’s eye by several hours, to early Wednesday afternoon, and said it could strengthen to a Category 4 storm. Ian passed west of the Florida Keys on Tuesday night and is expected to make landfall near Port Charlotte, just south of Sarasota.”

The Times also reported Tuesday that DeSantis “urged residents in the storm’s path to evacuate, saying that Hurricane Ian would likely inflict severe damage across Florida when it makes landfall.”

This quote from the Republican governor at a news conference late Tuesday night was also shared: “You need to evacuate now. You’re going to start feeling major impacts of this storm relatively soon.”

As the late evacuation order narrative was building over the weekend, DeSantis offered a stark reminder to the agenda-driven media.

“And you remember, people were looking initially at the Panhandle on Sunday, then Monday came and people were thinking maybe north of Tampa Bay. When we went to bed Monday night people were saying this is a direct hit on Tampa Bay, worst case scenario for the state,” he said. “As that track started to shift south and the computer models, the next morning they called for the evacuation, they opened their shelters and they responded very quickly to the data.”

Then again, DeSantis is not one to suffer fools gladly:

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