Fence surrounding US Capitol is expected to come down starting on July 8 – JP


The remaining fence surrounding the U.S. Capitol will start to come down on July 8, Fox News is told.

Officials installed a two layers of fencing blocking off the Capitol shortly after the Jan. 6 riot. they removed the larger perimeter of fencing in March, but the inner fencing remained.

The National Guard was also deployed to D.C. in the wake of the riot, and at its peak some 5,200 Guardsmen stood watch at the Capitol. The last remaining Guard members left on May 23.

Still, Fox News is told there are questions as to whether the U.S. Capitol Police have the resources to protect the Capitol. Many officers have left or remain injured. Morale remains very low after the riot.

“We don’t know that we are in a better position than we were on January 5,” cautioned one knowledgeable source on the issue.

A number of lawmakers told Fox they agree that it is time to take down the fence.

“This is the people’s House and this belongs to the American people. We want it to be free and open,” Democratic Rep. Don Beyer, Va., told Fox News. “The House did pass a bill that would put a lot more money in the Capitol Police and the kind of training and the resources necessary if there were an attack. And I think that’ll be fine. – READ MORE

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