Family of New Jersey Grandmother Horrified Over Man Recorded Urinating On Her Grave Repeatedly


For several months now, a Bergen County man has allegedly and routinely visited a cemetery just across the New York State line and urinated on the grave of a woman that he was briefly married to nearly 50 years ago, her survivors claim.

They also have proof.

Video secretly recorded by the late Linda Torello’s son shows the man pulling up to the Tappan Reformed Church Cemetery off Old Tappan Road in an SUV.

The vehicle is then left running as he approaches Torrello’s grave while unzipping his pants. He looks around, then does his business.

Then he scuttles back to the SUV and leaves.

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Not only did the Bergenfield man not realize that he was being recorded in the Rockland County graveyard, but he also wasn’t aware that Michael Andrew Murphy was watching from nearby.

Murphy, of Dumont, said he set his cellphone on a nearby headstone to record the desecration of his mother’s final resting place around 6:15 a.m. this past Sunday September 18.

“I saw his car pull in. I tried to get in my car, but I was afraid I might spook him,” he said. “So I hid behind a shed.

“I could see him walking up to the grave,” he said. “Believe me, I don’t know how I made it through that. I never had so much rage in my life.”

Murphy says he later witnessed an Orangetown police officer give the man a ticket for public urination after his family complained.

“I’m sick over this. I can’t even think straight,” Murphy said Friday. According to Barragan and her brother, the man was briefly married to their mother, and they were divorced in 1974. This guy must have really had a falling out with their mom, right?

According to the family, Linda Torello had became pregnant, but he didn’t want responsibility for it. However the man’s family was good to her they said.

“They really stepped up,” Murphy said. “They loved our mom.”

They also apparently estranged the suspect and his second wife.

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“His family chose my mother over his wife. He said they were all dead to him,” Murphy said. “That’s probably where the animosity comes in.”

Murphy says that he stopped at his mom’s grave on his way home from a job in Rockland last April, and discovered a ziplock bag with feces in it.

“I figured somebody was walking their dog and left it,” he said.

Murphy mentioned it to his sisters, but they didn’t think much of it, either, he said.

“Sure enough, three weeks later, my sister went and found another bag,” Murphy said.

Police told them to return to headquarters if it happened again, and it did in July. That was when the family started putting two and two together. The man works in the deli section of a Bergen County supermarket about 7 miles south of the cemetery. He had access to the ziplock bags.

“No one in my family has had contact with him since 1976 or so,” Murphy said. “We’re not sure how he found my mother’s grave.”

The police were told and Barragan also talked with cemetery officials, who said she said would give permission to set up cameras.

“They have been amazing trying to help us,” Barragan said.

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