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Tech giant Facebook has recently unveiled plans to develop its own city. Mark Zuckerberg’s company town will include more than 1,700 apartments, a hotel, restaurants, and other businesses not far from the company’s Silicon Valley campus.

Reclaim The Net reports that Facebook recently unveiled updated plans to build what will be the company’s own “city” named Willow Park. The company town is being developed in partnership with Signature Development Group close to Facebook’s Menlo Park campus. Employees that choose to move into the company town will call Mark Zuckerberg “landlord” along with “boss.”

Residential buildings with 1,729 apartment units, a 193-room hotel, a supermarket, cafes, restaurants, a pharmacy, and parks are proposed to be built on what is currently a 59-acre industrial lot. New office space in 1.25 million square feet will allow the company to employ 3,400 more people at the location.

The residential units will also be available to those who do not work at the company and of the 1,729 planned apartments, 320 are classified as “affordable,” with Facebook employees expected to go for the more expensive options. The office areas will be available exclusively to Facebook and only accessible by its employees. – READ MORE

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