EXPOSED: DeSantis Doesn’t Have Enough Donors to Qualify for First GOP Debate


Laura Loomer exposed Ron DeSantis for not having enough donors to qualify for the first RNC debate in August. FEC records show DeSantis is raising a lot of money from a small pool of globalist elite donors. DeSantis’ fundraising stats are just another item proving that the Florida Governor has very little support from actual GOP voters.

Loomer tweeted, “The RNC said in order to debate in their first debate on August 23, candidates running for President are required to have a minimum of 40,000 donors.”

“However, I was looking at the FEC reports that just came out and @RonDeSantis only has 16,841 filtered results that show up on his report for individual donations.”

“It doesn’t look like he’s going to qualify to debate…”

“I don’t see anyone else talking about this.”

Is the @GOPChairwoman going to overlook the fact that DeSantis didn’t meet the requirements?”

“Ron DeSantis shouldn’t be allowed to debate on August 23, according to these FEC documents that only show 16,841 individual campaign donations.”

Fox News is hosting the first RNC debate on August 23rd in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Milwaukee is also hosting the RNC Convention in 2024.

Ever since Tucker’s departure from Fox, the network has become compared to a pro-DeSantis media Super PAC. If 45th President Trump had failed to secure the donation requirements, Fox News would likely be screaming on all their shows that Trump should not be allowed to debate.

Unsurprisingly, the network has remained silent on DeSantis’ failure to obtain the required number of donors.

DeSantis has raised millions despite the fact that he only has 16,000 donors, indicating that the Florida Governor is raking in millions of dollars from globalist elites and showing the disturbing fact that America’s elite are attempting to crush the will of the American people.

National File has reported in great detail on globalist influence on Ron DeSantis’ campaign.


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