EXPOSED: Bill Gates Ties to Jeffrey Epstein, Affair With Young Russian Bridge Player


Last Updated on May 22, 2023

News broke over the weekend alleging that globalist pedophile Jeffrey Epstein was blackmailing Bill Gates over an affair with a young Russian bridge player named Mila Antonova. Video footage of Antonova speaking on her experiences with Gates has emerged and the Microsoft billionaire sent his top advisors to meet with Epstein in an attempt to get him to “invest” in the young Antonova. Video footage has also emerged that shows Gates lying about the Epstein blackmail situation and claiming that he had no business dealings with him.

The video of Mila Antonova shows the young-looking Russian, who would pass as an awkward high school student and not someone in their 20s, giving a presentation to IgniteNYC, whose talks have been sponsored by Intel.

During her talk, Antonova displays a photo of Bill Gates with a caption that reads, “Who is that?” Next, Antonova tells the audience that no one believed she was playing bridge with Bill Gates. Antonova then said she did not beat Gates in bridge, but she “tried to kick him with her leg.”

The audience applauded after that remark. Many now suspect Antonova was not talking about an innocent game of bridge when she spoke of kicking Gates.

Gates seemed to have quite the obsession with the young Russian, who many have pointed out looked like his daughter, sending his top advisor, Boris Nikolic, to meet with Jeffrey Epstein about investing in Antonova’s company.

Emails obtained by the Wall Street Journal show Epstein demanded that Gates reimburse him for the cost of Antonova’s “education.” It’s also reported that Epstein threatened to out Gates for his affair.

Gates’ affair news led an interview with Gates a couple of months back to resurface in which Gates lied and said Jeffrey Epstein never blackmailed him over sex and that he did not have business ties with Epstein.

It looks like another conspiracy theory about Bill Gates has come true.


Las Vegas News Magazine

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