‘Explosively High’ Numbers: Musk, Others Call Out Biden Border Crisis


With Border Patrol encountering 10,000 or more illegal migrants every single day, Elon Musk and others took to X (formerly Twitter) to highlight some data and facts illustrating the scope of the Biden border crisis.

Rep. Tony Gonzales (R-Texas) tweeted a picture of himself and Musk at the border with the comment, “RECORD 260,000+ illegal entries in the US during September. This border crisis is unsustainable, we need sensible solutions NOW.”

In response, Musk quote-tweeted the message with his own important context. “US Border Patrol just reported the highest number of recorded illegal immigrants in history at over 260,000 this month,” Musk reaffirmed. “The full number, including unrecorded, may be over half a million per month, which is the population of Wyoming.” That’s insane.

Fox News national correspondent Bill Melugin, who was recently at the border, cited Customs and Border Protection (CBP) sources on Sept. 29.

“Based off the data our CBP sources have been providing us all month, the September border numbers are going to be explosively high. Would not be surprised at all if they set the new all time new record again — by a lot,” he predicted. “Repeatedly seeing 10,000 + encounters per day recently.” That’s ominous.

Melugin’s warning comes as Breitbart reports that just in one Arizona border sector, Tucson (where I live), over 12,000 illegal aliens were apprehended by Border Patrol just in the last week. That’s not assimilation-level influx; it’s an invasion.

And crime is coming with it. Breitbart noted 150 arrests for federal criminal charges, with “17 human smuggling interdictions and ten drug seizures.” As the Border Patrol Union replied to Melugin, “There is no border.”

That’s not all the Border Patrol Union had to say this week about the Biden border catastrophe. On Sept. 28, the Union posted on X, “You can believe Biden and some of the other radical left politicians about the border situation if you want. But there isn’t much ‘patrol’ left in Border Patrol.” The post added, “It’s mostly just processing fraudulent asylum claimants. Many times there are no agents left to patrol the border.” The overwhelming majority of asylum claims are fraudulent, but the Biden administration doesn’t care.

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The next day, the Border Patrol Union highlighted a release from the Cochise County (Ariz.) Sheriff, detailing serious injuries to a Border Patrol deputy caused by a fleeing smuggler. This marked the third instance within a few days of criminal smugglers putting deputies and citizens at risk, the Sheriff said. As the Union commented, criminal cartels control the southern border.

It’s an all-out catastrophe at the border, yet the Biden administration is trying to make it easier for illegals to get into America, even flying illegals directly into the U.S.! It’s absolutely criminal.

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