EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Kevin McCarthy Lies to National File About J6 Footage Release


Last Updated on October 10, 2023

Failed GOP Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy lied to National File today at the U.S. Capitol, falsely claiming that he’s released the more than 41,000 hours of unreleased J6 footage that blows the lid off of the deep state’s J6 narrative. As speaker, McCarthy refused to release the footage after promising that he would to get elected. He went on to help Joe Biden launch a Democrat takeover of the Capitol Police Board, ensuring that the footage remains under lock and key.

National File’s Roger Farina was on-the-ground in Washington, D.C. Tuesday, as the GOP began the process of electing a new speaker after a historic vote vacated Kevin McCarthy’s chair.

Among the most widely-criticized failures of McCarthy’s speakership was his refusal to release more than 41,000 hours of J6 security footage said to blow the lid off the deep state narrative and expose the orchestrated chaos that helped put the finishing touches on a rigged 2020 election.

When McCarthy was pressed by National File’s Roger Farina on his refusal to release the footage, he openly lied and dismissed the birthday anniversary of Capitol Police shooting victim Ashli Babbitt, a U.S. Air Force veteran.

“Mr. Speaker, today is Ashli Babbitt’s 38th birthday,” Farina said to McCarthy. “National File’s viewers are interested in whether or not you are –“

“You know what, you know what, I just, I just, we’ve been putting out the J6 but that’s another day another question,” McCarthy interrupted.

“Well no sir,” Farina said back.

“No, no, no, no, no,” said McCarthy. “You can ask another question.”

“We are interested in the release of the J6 prisoners and the 41,000 hours of videos,” Farina replied, refusing to back down. “You promised to release all those videos you didn’t do that sir.”

“Yes I did sir,” McCarthy falsely claimed.

“41,000 hours?” Farina asked, as McCarthy quickly directed his attention elsewhere.

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