EXCLUSIVE: U.S. Capitol Police Intensify Security, Antifa Poses as Trump Supporters in New York City


National File has obtained exclusive photos of the intensified security at the U.S. Capitol in anticipation of Donald Trump’s upcoming arrest. Pictures also show piles of bricks associated with construction around the U.S. Capitol. In addition, a video taken in New York City on Tuesday shows an individual dressed like a Trump supporter, while also having an Antifa tattoo. On Monday, National File reported concern that Antifa would dress as Trump supporters and cause mayhem across the United States.

Photos taken on Tuesday show that the same steel barriers placed around the Manhattan courthouse have also been placed around the U.S. Capitol Complex. The images also show the United States Capitol Police have set up a military-grade watch tower in front of the building. Steel barriers have also been placed in the exact location where Ray Epps used the steel barriers as a weapon on January 6th. The last photo shows a pallet of bricks on U.S. Capitol grounds. According to the image, the pallet of bricks appears to be associated with construction currently being done on the capitol.


On Monday, National File reported that New York City Antifa has a history of using steel barriers as weapons against law enforcement. Antifa also has a history of placing pallets of bricks in strategic areas before their riots or using construction materials at construction sites in the riot vicinity.

Video emerged from New York on Tuesday showing Antifa posing as Trump supporters in New York City. The video shows the individual with the blue hoodie posing as a Trump supporter who has an Antifa tattoo on his neck. Another individual in the video claiming to be a Trump supporter is wearing all black and has his face covered.

Trump is expected to be arrested in New York in the coming days. Stay with National File as this story continues to develop.

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