EXCLUSIVE: Christian veteran who beheaded Satanic statue at Iowa Capitol urges Americans to reject Satan and accept Jesus Christ


Michael Cassidy, the now legendary former Navy pilot who destroyed the Satanic statue in the Iowa state capitol, told Jack Posobiec of a shocking message he received from an angered father, and emphasized the importance of protecting children from evil on Human Events Daily Friday.

The father, Cassidy said, was mad at him for tearing down the display and beheading the statue of Baphomet because “he could no longer show his daughter.”

He hoped that this story would “put things in perspective for people that maybe aren’t paying that much attention to how important or how much of an impact these idols, these icons can have on the average American.”

“I want people to reject Satan, I want people to accept Jesus Christ,” he said.

Posobiec pointed out that “when you hear from the Satanists, it’s always children” just like how drag queen story hours target young children.

“We always have to focus on the children,” he said. “Because they understand that if you get them at a young age, if you target them at that age, if you indoctrinate them … they believe whatever you tell them.”

“They’re malleable,” Posobiec continued. “And so when we see this promoted in societies, your children will follow that which is promoted.”

He reminded the audience of the atrocities happening in the Middle East “where they promote terrorism, where they promote violence” and the propaganda that has been coming from terrorist organizations. 

“And you see children saying, I want to grow up and do that. It’s the same idea.”

He wished that “we would go back to promoting military and firefighters and EMTs and police officers and the actual people that support our society and make ourselves do better.”

Las Vegas News Magazine

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