EXCLUSIVE: Biden Administration Sends Warning To Government Workers Listing Pro-Palestine Protest Sites To “Avoid,” Tells Workers “Do Not Engage With Demonstrators”


Last Updated on October 21, 2023

The U.S. federal government has sent out an “NCR Safety Assessment” to federal government employees warning them about supposed threats to public safety as a result of pro-Palestinian protests this weekend in Washington, D.C. and elsewhere. The warnings obtained by NATIONAL FILE were sent to Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) workers via text message and email. The warnings claim that “Demonstrations targeting public officials” are likely and told government workers to avoid protest areas and “Do not engage with demonstrators as this could escalate the situation.” The warnings listed specific locations of pro-Palestinian protests in the United States including Saturday’s rally at the Washington Monument.

Clearly, the U.S. federal government is concerned about the rising tide of anti-Israel sentiment and pro-Palestinian populism as Israel wages war against Gaza in the aftermath of a mysterious Hamas paraglider attack against Israel. Joe Biden is calling for about $105 billion in new spending for a package that would include money for Israel and Ukraine, but the current gridlock in Congress caused by the absence of a Speaker of the House is foiling Biden’s plans.

Regardless, the Biden regime is likely to continue fearmongering. Telling government officials not to engage with protests? The U.S. government, which steadfastly supports the Zionist regime in Israel, is losing control of the narrative. And the U.S. government is acutely aware of the protest movement against it.

On Saturday, the Washington Monument serves as a meeting place for the “Ceasefire Now” protest event that is assembled by American Muslims for Palestine, and it is one of just a number of events that the government is clearly freaking out about. Here are screenshots of the warning that was sent to government employees:

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