Exactly Whom Was Christian Group’s ‘Jesus’ Ad Trying to Reach?


Our own Grateful Calvin already handed out Twitchy’s Super Bowl commercial trophies, but there was one commercial that didn’t make the cut but still deserved to be talked about.

We’ve seen Jewish groups take the side of Hamas sympathizers and call for a ceasefire in Gaza. And we’ve heard from experts on Judaism, such as Rep. Jamaal Bowman, who “uplifted deeply” what it means to be Jewish:

Thanks for that, congressman.

And then there are Christian groups we just don’t get. One such group called HeGetsUs ponied up the big bucks to run a Super Bowl spot reminding us that “Jesus didn’t teach hate” and showed loving Christians washing the feet of their “enemies.” We admire their restraint in showing a white police officer washing the feet of a black woman and not George Floyd himself. Watch as Christians wash the feet of their enemies: Muslims, Native Americans whose land they’ve stolen for oil, illegal immigrants (we presume) getting on a bus, and a young woman outside an abortion clinic.

In reality, Christians face 11 years of prison for allegedly blocking access to abortion clinics under the FACE Act. Instead, they should be washing the feet of those working there.


A lot of white people are filled with hate, apparently.

Life News reports:

One of the situations depicted is an AI photo showing a woman washing the feet of a woman outside an abortion business that the ad misleadingly labeled as a “Family Planning Clinic.”

Some pro-life advocates criticized the ad for making it appear that it was endorsing women getting abortions, which kill unborn children and violate Biblical pro-life principles. Other say the ad merely calls on us to follow Jesus’ command to love our neighbors and people regardless of who they are and what they do.

Joel Berry, the managing editor of the Babylon Bee, thought the commercial was leftism surrounding by a Jesus message.

Here’s Joel Berry’s tweet:

There’s a reason the “He Gets Us” commercial didn’t show a liberal washing the feet of someone in a MAGA hat, or a BLM protestor washing an officer’s feet. That would’ve been actually subversive.

Because they were strictly following oppressed v oppressor intersectionality guidelines. This tells me they were either: 

A) trying to sell Jesus to Leftists by hinting Jesus thinks just like them, or 

B) cynically using Jesus to sell a political movement.

Why not both?

Illegals? You mean enemies. 

There really does seem to be some intersectionality in who is washing whose feet. It looks like white Christians see every “marginalized” group as the enemy while they should be subservient to them.


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