EU Orders Censorship of US Internet That Europeans Could See


On August 25th and August 26, Sentinel reported that the EU passed the Digital Services Act that applies  censorship to any platforms Europeans might see. Nineteen platforms have to conform or be fined a great deal of money or find themselves banned. Google, Facebook, Apple, Instagram, Bing, Google searches, and Twitter are among the mostly US platforms named.

Ursula von der Leyen, President of the EU Commission, said it will bring European values to the digital world. The values include censorship. This unelected bureaucrat is authoritarian and claims she is protecting children, society, and democracies. No one would consider this an example of democracy.

Elon Musk wants Twitter to be the platform of the people. It will be hard for him to do.

The EU, the authoritarians

The Digital Services Act (DSA) is a new set of regulations that would force major internet platforms to tackle the spread of illegal content and other societal risks on their services in the EU—or else risk billions of Euros in fines.

Unfortunately, Joe Biden is president and he will gladly abide by the European dictatorship.


The rules include the broad and vague term, “hate speech,” which the UN regulator – the EU Commissioner for Values and Transparency – Vera Jourova said at the World Economic Forum  the US will obey.

Hate speech can mean disagreeing with mutilating children for “gender-affirming care.”

The EU speech regulator recently said the US would soon have hate speech laws.

Only in January did a European Union official predict that the United States would soon institute “illegal hate speech” laws. She made her comments at a Davos “disinformation” panel Tuesday raised some eyebrows online.

Věra Jourová, the vice president for “values and transparency” at the EU’s executive European Commission, indicated to a fellow panelist at the World Economic Forum that such policies were about to cross the ocean.

“What qualifies as hate speech, as illegal hate speech, which you will have soon also in the U.S.,” she said, directing her comments to fellow panelist Seth Moulton, a Democratic congressman from Massachusetts. “I think that we have a strong reason why we have this in the criminal law; we need the platforms to simply work with the language and to identify such cases.”


Hundreds of unelected EU bureaucrats will decide what constitutes disinformation and instruct Big Tech firms to censor it, reports Zero Hedge.

They will appoint “trusted flaggers” to decide what people are allowed to see and say. If you think any of these people are democratic, you’d be misinformed. These are authoritarians and the majority of people in Europe probably don’t want this any more than we do.

Canada recently passed an act forcing media companies to pay off and collude with big media companies. It shuts down free speech. Canada said America will have the same law soon. Indeed, Democrats do have a nearly identical law sitting on a shelf. They could be waiting for a complete takeover of power to implement it.

They’re superceding the US Constitution. It’s a crutch so Facebook and the other totalitarians pretend they have no choice but to censor.


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