Elon Musk Says He's Been Targeted for Assassination Twice This Year


Elon Musk revealed in a question-and-answer session at Tesla’s annual shareholder meeting he has had two failed assassination plots against him in the past year alone.

The tech billionaire confirmed that two “homicidal maniacs” targeted him and other high-profile individuals.

“In the context of being a shareholder, unlocking these values of optimists, we need you, and just, with all the global uncertainty, you’re so high-profile that I just want to make sure you’re doing everything to take care of yourself,” one attendee asked Musk.

“It is getting a little crazy these days,” Musk responded.

“You know, like, to first approximation, the probability that a homicidal maniac will try to kill you is proportional to how many homicidal maniacs hear your name.”

“They hear my name a lot, and I’m like, OK, I’m on the list.”

“We [Tesla] actually did have two homicidal maniacs in the last roughly seven months, come to aspirationally try to kill me and a bunch of other people, so it’s not just me, and there wasn’t an actual issue that they articulated — they were just, you know, in the homicidal maniac career.”

“I will endeavor to stay alive,” he added.


It’s no surprise Musk has become a target, given that he is the most outspoken high-profile figure, aside from former president Donald Trump, against corruption that aligns with conservative values.

Since Musk purchased Twitter in 2022, he has raised awareness on issues such as election fraud, vaccine safety, censorship, and illegal immigration.

Earlier this month, Musk called for a complete ban on electronic voting machines, warning that they risk being hacked by bad actors.

Musk was responding to a post from independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who highlighted the irregularities in Puerto Rico’s primary elections.

“We should eliminate electronic voting machines,” he wrote.

“The risk of being hacked by humans or AI, while small, is still too high.”

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