Elon Musk Calls San Francisco a Zombie Apocalypse Suffering from a Woke Mind Virus


Elon Musk, the visionary CEO of Tesla, never shies away from expressing his opinions on social media. On Monday night, he took to Twitter to unleash his criticism on two of his perennial targets: downtown San Francisco and the pervasive influence of “wokeness.”

Musk didn’t hold back as he called downtown San Francisco a “disaster,” reminiscing about its once glorious and thriving state that has now been reduced to a haunting resemblance of a zombie apocalypse. Blaming the city’s decline on the insidious “woke mind virus,” Musk added fuel to the fire of a growing sentiment against the city’s leadership.

The tweet that sparked Musk’s reaction highlighted Dave Chappelle’s recent appearance in San Francisco, in which the renowned comedian himself pointed fingers at the city’s descent into chaos, squarely placing the blame on its woke leaders.

Chappelle, in a surprise performance at the Masonic, didn’t mince words when he asked the audience, “What the f–k happened to this place?” While the local publication SFGate conveniently focused on what they perceived as transphobic undertones in Chappelle’s act, they conveniently omitted his scathing critique of the city’s woke leadership. This omission speaks volumes about the prevailing bias in the media, unwilling to acknowledge the role of “wokeness” in the unraveling of San Francisco.

Indeed, the notion that San Francisco’s problems stem from the stranglehold of “woke” ideology has gained significant traction on social media. It gained even more momentum after the tragic and senseless killing of tech CEO Bob Lee last month, prompting Musk to lament the city’s horrific levels of violent crime. While critics attempt to downplay the impact of “wokeness” on San Francisco’s decline, the facts speak for themselves.

The city’s woes have recently taken center stage, as downtown department stores shuttered their doors and CNN aired a special report posing the crucial question: “What Happened to San Francisco?”

The undeniable reality is that property crime rates are soaring, and the once vibrant downtown area has been reduced to a hollowed-out shell. Yet, an Institute of Governmental Studies study shed light on the primary reason behind downtown San Francisco’s sluggish recovery—remote tech workers refusing to return to the office—rather than addressing the elephant in the room, the toxic grip of “wokeness.”

During his remarkable performance at the Masonic, Chappelle delivered another striking statement, suggesting that San Francisco “needs a Batman” to rescue it from its current quagmire.

His words resonated with those who recognize the urgent need for a hero to rise and restore the city’s former glory. It is a sentiment shared by many who have witnessed the devastating effects of “wokeness” on San Francisco’s once thriving landscape.

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