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An astonishing 83 per cent of Britons have said that if wearing a mask in public were a “personal choice”, they would do so, after another recent poll revealed that despite the mask mandate possibly coming to an end this month, the majority back it staying in place and even feel unsafe without them.

The YouGov poll from Tuesday found that a combined 83 per cent said they would wear a mask if it were a personal choice today. Four in ten said they would wear them only indoors, with 30 per cent saying they would only wear them inside if the space were crowded or unventilated. More than one in ten — 13 per cent — took the most extreme option and said they would wear a mask indoors and outdoors.

Just 13 per cent said they would not wear one at all.

Another poll from Monday from YouGov — one of Britain’s largest pollsters which was co-founded by the now-vaccine minister, Nadhim Zahawi — claimed, on the day that Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the end of all restrictions, that 71 per cent thought that masks should continue to be mandatory on public transport with 66 per cent believing masks should continue to be compulsory in shops, as well.

A combined 70 per cent had also admitted they would feel “less safe” in a crowded or poorly-ventilated place if others were not covering their faces.

The latest polls are largely in line with the claimed responses of Britons to the pandemic and the government’s handling of it over the past year, revealing many to be fearful and backing limits on their own freedoms.- READ MORE

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