Editor of Harvard Law Review caught on camera harassing Jewish student during anti-Israel protest


Less than two weeks after Hamas brutally massacred hundreds of innocent civilians in Israel, a freshman from the Jewish state was verbally and physically harassed at the Harvard University campus by a group of students as he tried to make his way through a pro-Palestinian protest.

One of those who partook in accosting the first-year was Ibrahim Bharmal, a student and editor of the Harvard Law Review.

The incident took place on October 18 in an area of campus near the business school during a “die-in” organized by anti-Israel students. As the aforementioned student attempted to cross from one side of the protest to the other, he was approached by a group of individuals holding keffiyehs like shields.

In footage of the situation, the student can be heard telling the protestors “Don’t grab me,” and “don’t touch my neck” as they block him while simultaneously telling him to “exit.”

After his attempts to break through the cloth barriers come up fruitless, he told his fellow students, “I live here,” but that, too, failed to achieve the desired result.

Bharmal is captured in the video among those holding keffiyehs and signs, harassing the student while chanting “Shame!”

According to the Canary Mission, aside from being an editor of the HLR, Bharmal is the co-president of the Harvard South Asian Law Students Association, one of the many groups that signed on to a now infamous joint statement authored by the Palestine Solidarity Committee blaming Israel for Hamas’s violent attacks. Following backlash, however, the SALSA backtracked, retracting its support.

As the Washington Free Beacon reports, Bharmal and others identified during the incident, including divinity school graduate student and undergrad proctor Elom Tettey Tamaklo, were reported to the Harvard University Police Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Boston office.

“An Israeli student on his way to class pulled his phone out to film the rioters and he was attacked,” the statement to the FBI read. “He was assaulted both physically and verbally. Throughout the assault he kept calm, but was aggressively attacked by Pro-Palestine rioters. At least 2 of those involved have been identified as employees of the University and have not yet been dismissed from their posts.”

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