Dumb defending DUMBER: Eric Swalwell explaining WHY Biden isn’t ‘sleepy’ accidentally HILARIOUS (watch)


Wow. You know Biden’s approval is really hitting the bottom of the barrel when you see someone like Eric Swalwell trying to make a case defending him from being called Sleepy Joe. 

Or Corrupt Joe.

We hate to break it to this brain trust, but two different things can be true about the same person.


Watch this absolute hot mess:

Gotta love how the MSNBC toadie doesn’t push back. 

Well, that’s that! If Eric doesn’t know anyone who is corrupt AND sleepy that must make it true.


No wonder the Communist Chinese spy chose this guy. Derp central.

Oof, and we thought WE were mean. Luckily, Eric did not talk about the importance of the passage of time being important as time passes so we’re pretty sure Kamala didn’t write this for him.

Not a job anyone with half a brain would ever choose. Ahem.


That would only confuse him.

Sorry, but the fart heard ’round the world will never NOT be funny.



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