In this interview with JP, Dr. Jessica Rose explained how the spike protein from Covid injections potentially harms hemoglobin—a protein molecule in red blood cells that carries oxygen from the lungs to the body’s tissues and returns carbon dioxide from the tissues back to the lungs. The abnormal folding of hemoglobin causes massive microclotting in people. The detrimental long-term effect of that is yet to be studied. 

The U.S. health authorities lied to us when they claimed that the viral mRNA stays in the injection sites. Carried by blood, it is distributed to the heart, the brain, ovaries and testes, spleen, and other organs. 

The doctor also suggested that while natural Covid infection technically can damage red blood cells too, mRNA from the vaccines probably has a worse effect because the immune system can’t properly react to it and because of the quantity of the viral load. Working on strengthening your immune system is the best way to prepare yourself for an encounter with any virus, Dr. Rose added. 

According to her bio, Dr. Jessica Rose is a researcher with a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Mathematics and a Master’s degree in Immunology. She also holds a PhD in Computational Biology and 2 postdoctoral degrees: one in Molecular Biology and one in Biochemistry.  

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