Don't Look Now but Hunter Isn't the ONLY Biden Who Thinks He Is Exempt From Paying Taxes


In case you were still wondering if there is a hypocritical, hierarchical system of justice and accountability in America, just a quick glimpse at the Biden family should cure you of any uncertainty. President Biden (or is it Karine Jean-Pierre?) tweets every day about how Americans have to pay their ‘fair share’ in taxes. 

Meanwhile, evidence continues to mount about how Biden himself took bribes or payoffs through his family [cough … allegedly … cough], Hunter Biden is facing charges of tax evasion while profligately spending hundreds of thousands on prostitutes and drugs [but HE’S the victim], and the House Oversight Committee has identified millions in payments [again, … ahem … allegedly] to all of Biden’s family members.  

Poor Ashley Biden must have felt left out with the rest of her family getting all the attention. It was reported today that the youngest child in the Biden clan ALSO didn’t pay her taxes over a multi-year period. 

President Biden’s daughter Ashley owed $5,000 in income taxes from 2015 to 2021, according to a new report from Fox News on the first family’s finances.

The Pennsylvania Department of Revenue in Philadelphia County informed Ashley Biden, 42, that a tax lien had been imposed on her property, a Dec. 1 notice obtained by the outlet shows.

‘The scale is not anything like Hunter, but… Joe is constantly talking about how wealthy and connected people do not pay their fair share and can’t afford to pay more, and it just so happens that both of his living children did not pay their taxes,’ Garrett Ziegler, the founder of nonprofit Marco Polo and former aide to thenPresident Trump, told Fox News in an interview Friday. ‘This is just another example of the Bidens being careless.’


‘Careless’ is one word for it, that’s for sure. Marco Polo also tweeted a copy of the lien.

Sure, $5,000 isn’t a huge amount, but it’s not really the amount that’s the most important issue. It’s the attitude that the laws we have to obey do not apply to them. Where do we sign up for that ‘Biden privilege’? 

We don’t want to make this TOO much about Ashley. After all, she had to shower with her creepy dad as a child [oops … here’s another ‘allegedly’ for good measure]. That’s bound to mess anyone up. This is really more about the hypocrisy of the entire family, but mainly of her father who likes to scold the rest of us constantly. 

Ali may have been The Greatest, but he’s got nothing on the Bidens when it comes to dodging and weaving. 

Ah, see, those 87,000 agents are for $600 Venmo payments, not for the privileged elite. 

They’re not exactly the Cleaver family, are they? 

It’s (D)different when they do those things. 

Except people making less than $400,000 absolutely are paying more taxes under the Biden administration. 

Maybe Joe Biden should have changed the last sentence in his tweet to, ‘No one with the last name Biden will pay a single penny more — or at all — in federal taxes.’ 

At least that would have been honest and accurate. 


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