Donald Trump sits down with Megyn Kelly and seems to forget Fauci’s Presidential Commendation


Megyn Kelly hosted Donald Trump for a one hour interview on her podcast. They talked all things Covid and there were some interesting tidbits leaked before the full release.

Trump is the one who gave Fauci the Presidential Commendation.

Indeed, it sounds like there is something for everyone.

This comes directly from mini tyrant Fauci.


Trump handled many things very well. The economy, for example. Covid, however, was not a shining moment.

Is it a vax if it does not stop the spread or keep it from transmitting?

It is time for all politicians to stop with the excuses and own the mistakes they made. Claiming ignorance has gone on way too long. Yes, it was hard to know what decisions to make, but it is acceptable to say in hindsight, things should have gone differently.

If we are going to ask individual Americans to take responsibility for their own medical choices, surely we should expect the government telling them it was safe to also hold equal culpability.

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