Donald Trump: “I have been indicted”


The inevitability has finally been realized (if reports are true): Donald Trump has been indicted by the Biden DOJ.

Just announced on Truth Social just minutes ago, Trump states he has been indicted concerning the handling of documents – “the Boxes Hoax” – and (perhaps) for Trump’s response to a grand jury subpoena requesting documents bearing classification markings.

Here are Trump’s posts in full:

While this was expected from Biden’s DOJ, who instigated this investigation and appointed Special Counsel Jack Smith, it’s no less shocking, only because this is new territory. Attorney General Garland has done what his predecessors – Comey, McCabe, Mueller – could not.

After years and years of prosecutorial and investigative abuses and crimes, the Department of Justice has finally indicted Trump. In doing so, the DOJ has inserted itself into the 2024 presidential election, again disenfranchising millions of voters. It’s a sad day for the country and a sobering day for those who wish for the equal administration of justice.

This story is still developing. The New York Times states there are seven counts; we expect these to concern various provisions of the Espionage Act (18 USC 793), such as the dissemination of national security information and the unauthorized retention of national security documents.

We understand that the indictment has been filed in the Federal District Court in Miami. Quick analysis: this is a comparatively good venue for Trump, given the support he has in Florida and in the Miami community. It is much better than DC, where Trump would face unfavorable judges and a Democrat jury pool.

We’ll be publishing and analyzing the indictment once it is released.

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