Dog Goes Viral after Getting Spooked by Seeing Biden on TV, Has Different Reaction to Trump -WATCH


A video showing a dog named Mollie reacting erratically after being shown images of Joe Biden on TV went viral on social media this week.

The video, posted by TikTok by user bestdad_ceo, shows Mollie acting very differently from the images of Donald Trump and Biden.

When the man showed his dog an image of Donald Trump, it remained calm.

However, when he switched to an image of Biden, the dog began barking uncontrollably before lunging at the TV.


The owner captioned the video by hilariously questioning his dog’s political leanings

“Not sure what’s the political status of my dog but she goes crazy at the end… I think my dog is a pupublican.”

The video shows Mollie’s demeanor changes dramatically before going berserk after seeing an picture of Biden.

The clip, which has since garnered 1.7 million views, received thousands of comments, and they didn’t disappoint.

One user quipped, “Dogs know evil.”

Another wrote, “He can see the Lizard’s true form.”

Another added, “She knows it’s a skinwalker.”

One user said, “Your dog is smarter than so many people that live in this country.”

This isn’t the first time a dog has reacted strongly to Joe Biden. You may recall our report from April 2023, when Irish President Michael Higgins’ large Bernese mountain dog refused to go anywhere near Biden during his visit to the country.

The Irish president’s dog began frantically barking at Joe Biden as the two leaders approached the animal.

The pup, whose name is Misneach, meaning “Courage,” first began wagging his tail as he spotted his owner but quickly became spooked when Biden approached and crouched in front of him.


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