DISGRACE: Katie Hobbs Laughs Her Way Through Oath of Office


Democrat Katie Hobbs was officially sworn in as governor of Arizona on Monday, despite outstanding challenges to her narrow “victory” over Kari Lake, which was plagued by rampant problems with vote tabulators, chain of custody issues, and a slew of other problems that Lake’s legal said was tantamount to voter suppression.

Despite the multitude of evidence that the election was tainted, Kari Lake’s challenge was dismissed on Christmas Eve after a short show trial that lasted a mere two days. Kari Lake has already appealed.

Taking the oath of office is typically a dignified occasion since the oath-taker is assuming a tremendous amount of responsibility. Yet, curiously, Katie Hobbs couldn’t keep a straight face, and can be seen laughing throughout.

And Kari Lake’s team has something to say about it. “Criminals traditionally have a feeling of euphoria when they think they’ve gotten away with a crime,” the Kari Lake War Room account tweeted.

As Secretary of State, Katie Hobbs was responsible for the conducting of the elections in Arizona in November and certified her own controversial victory.

Las Vegas News Magazine

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