Did Lana Del Rey Get Plastic Surgery? Then and Now Photos


Lana Del Rey may be soft spoken, but she isn’t afraid to clap back at false rumors about her. The New York City gal’s stunning looks are just as beautiful as her angelic voice, but some speculate it’s because she’s had plastic surgery. During the early years of her music career, Lana knew her full lips were “going to be a f–king problem” in the public eye.

“I haven’t had anything done at all. Anyone who’s known me will tell you that. I’m sorry, but I was living in a trailer park for a few years. I didn’t even have enough money to buy Cocoa Puffs,” the “Say Yes to Heaven” singer told Complex in 2011. “It’s not like I crawled from under the bridge and got surgery. I’m quite pouty. That’s just how I look when I sing.

Keep scrolling to see Lana Del Rey’s transformation photos.

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