Did Dove Cameron Get Plastic Surgery? The Disney Star Is All Grown Up


Growing up on TV! Dove Cameron got her start as a child star on Disney Channel and she’s since blossomed into a stunning adult actress. But, did the Descendants star ever get plastic surgery? The blonde beauty looks a lot different compared to her early days in Hollywood.

The Washington native is candid with her fans about day-to-day struggles, but she’s never spoken publicly about any plastic surgery procedures. Dove, however, has opened up about her eating disorder struggles over the years.

“I’ve never said this before, but I had such a bad case of anorexia. I was so badly down that hole,” the Shameless alum told StyleCaster in March 2018. “I was not eating for days sometimes. But it was because I thought I needed to be absolutely tiny to be loved. I genuinely thought I needed to be as skinny as I possibly could to be loved and appreciated and good enough.”

Dove went on to explain that she strives to be an honest role model to her followers.

“We’re in this weird phase right now in society where we’re like, ‘La, la, la. None of us has any issues, but just kidding, we have all the issues!’” the “Boyfriend” singer continued. “I think it’s so much more important for me, for my young fans, for other celebrities to normalize something that can help so many people than it is to hide under the guise of having a perfect life. How boring is that? I don’t want to live under that pressure. I don’t want to be dishonest. I don’t want to say, ‘I’m so happy and everything is fine.’”

When it comes to remembering early days in the spotlight, Dove called them both “the best years of my life, while also being some of my worst.” She told Create & Cultivate in January 2020: “I definitely had a lot of fun, experimenting with who I was, what my abilities were, falling in love for the first time and navigating this entirely new world that I was now, all of a sudden, involved in.”

Dove continued, “While this was happening, I was also dealing with the death of my father, severe anorexia and bulimia, anxiety relating to newfound fame and global attention and what would eventually become an incredibly unhealthy relationship. I think everything in those years, and every year leading up to present day, career or personal or both, has prepared me for my career and life now, as I am without a doubt, the strongest, most concentrated and most unabashed that I have ever been in my life.”

Scroll through the gallery to see how Dove Cameron has changed over the years. 

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