‘Destiny 2’ DLC Suddenly Results In Copyright Strikes For Streamers


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We haven’t always spoken in glowing terms about Bungie, the game studio behind the Destiny franchise. That being said, in more recent days, Bungie has also taken some very positive steps when it comes to protecting its fans from copyright takedown abuse, while also highlighting for the record that the DMCA takedown process employed by streaming sites absolutely sucks out loud. So, when it comes to how Bungie generally behaves on matters of intellectual property, it’s kinds of like an annoying Facebook relationship status: it’s complicated.

Well, the Destiny 2 streaming community is getting hit with more copyright issues, this time over on Twitch. It appears that anyone who is streaming some recently released DLC for the game is finding their streams getting muted due to the game’s soundtrack.

Apparently, these copyright strikes are a result of the in-game music, and streamers on Twitch are getting muted as a result of this. Some users have even received repeated notifications from Twitch after instances of copyrighted audio were found in their VODs. It is believed that this was never the case with the previous streams and has only occurred with the new DLCs.

Now, several of those streamers have pushed back on Twitch, indicating that they have never had a problem streaming Destiny games in the past. Twitch responded to several of them with a confirmation that copyrighted music was being played during their streams and that that was the reason for the mute.

The problem is that the Destiny team apparently didn’t intend for any of this to be happening.

As of the time of this writing, the cause of all of this hasn’t been publicly identified, nor a fix for it issued. But it seems pretty clear based on the Destiny team’s response and how it has handled streaming for its games previously that this wasn’t intended.

Which sucks! And highlights again that, even with the best of intentions, enforcing copyright automagically at scale is, well, impossible.

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