DeSantis Privately Admits to Allies He Intends to Run for President


Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is all-in on his expected run for president, according to allies familiar with his thinking.

The Washington Post reported that a political committee for DeSantis will serve as the launching pad for the governor’s higher office ambitions. Any announcement, however, is far room soon. Sources expect DeSantis to finish out Florida’s legislative session in May before announcing a run. The Republican’s near total control over the state’s governing body gives DeSantis an unfettered opportunity to implement his ambitious agenda before any presidential campaign.

Governor DeSantis will joined today by Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds for stops in Des Moines and Davenport, his first visit to an early voting state in next year’s Republican primary.

During the Covid-19 lockdown, Florida became a haven for anti-lockdown measures that propelled DeSantis into the national spotlight. His willingness to disregard warnings by former presidential medical advisor Anthony Fauci proved popular with conservatives at a time when pressure on elected officials was high to institute mask mandates and shutter public grounds and transportation.

A new PAC called Never Back Down will be steered by Ken Cuccinelli, the former acting director for immigration services under President Trump. People familiar with the group’s planning expect the committee to serve as a vehicle for large contributions in support of DeSantis by some of the GOP’s wealthiest donors. The governor has already secured seven-figure checks from investor Jeffrey Yass and Jude and Christopher Reyes, the brothers in charge of America’s largest beer and food distributors.

DeSantis for months has flirted with a presidential run and in recent weeks released his own book, “The Courage to be Free” which immediately topped the New York Times bestseller list.

Despite President Donald Trump levying attacks against his soon-to-be rival, DeSantis has declined to fire his own salvos. When asked to respond, the governor speaks broadly about his plans to avoid criticizing other Republicans while he team assesses how and when to engage the former president.


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