DeSantis Ally Flips on Florida Governor: “Trump Never Let Us Down”


Longtime Ron DeSantis ally, Florida state Representatve Randy Fine, flipped on the Sunshine States’ Governor to support Donald Trump, citing the former president’s record on Israel.

Fine slammed DeSantis for ‘doing nothing’ about Nazis who have reportedly invaded Florida.

“Today, I am endorsing @realDonaldTrump,” Fine wrote on X.

“The past 2 weeks have made me realize our choice as Jews is simple.”

“We can vote for the Gov who says the right things, or we can vote for the president who actually does them. When it comes to action, Trump has never let us down,” the former DeSantis ally wrote.

Fine wrote in a Washington Times op-ed, titled, “Donald Trump has never let us down,” that he was “jumped by a Nazi in Florida. On video. Two weeks ago.”

Fine went to write that DeSantis has “said almost nothing” after Nazis began showing up in public in Florida, hanging anners which read “Gas the Jews” over freeway overpasses, and “beat up a Jew.”

“Our world changed forever on October 7. The Holocaust did not end in 1945; it just went into hibernation. Radical Islam is the spiritual successor to the Nazis,” he wrote.

“Words won’t save us. Only actions will.”

“Donald Trump didn’t just talk about moving the Embassy. He did it,” Fine continued.

“Donald Trump didn’t just talk about Israeli security. He green-lit them annexing the Golan.”

“Donald Trump didn’t just talk about peace. He signed the Abraham Accords. He deserved a Nobel Peace Prize for it.”

“Before Governor DeSantis got elected, I helped fund a state Holocaust memorial. It’s five years later; they haven’t broken ground,” Fine added.

“Governor DeSantis has taken longer to commemorate the deaths of six million Jews than it took the Allies to stop the deaths of six million more.”

Fine also weighed on the Hamas attacks in Israel while speaking with The Floridian, calling for the expulsion of the pro-Palestinian “Squad” in Congress.

“They are more focused on these Arabs in Gaza than they are on American hostages that are held there. That is treason,” he continued.

Fellow Florida State Representative Joe Gruter responded to Fine’s tweet, writing:

“Great decision, welcome to the team. @realDonaldTrump is who America needs to lead us now more than ever.”

Fine closes his op-ed with:

“There is no choice – we must return Donald Trump to the Oval Office. For Israel. For Jews. For America. And for the World.”

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