Deporting The African Migrants of Israel


In several videos of the carnage in Israel, some men assaulting women are African. We have no evidence that migrants living in Israel are involved in the Hamas massacre and aren’t accusing them of it, but it did bring us to Israel’s migrant African problem. They have tens of thousands and have ordered the deportation of all involved in violence.

Israel has a serious problem with African migrants, who are mostly from Sudan and Eritrea. Africans from the same regions have been crossing the US’s open borders. More concerning is the fact that the US has caught terrorists of Hamas and Hezbollah crossing the border. How many don’t we catch? There are millions of people we don’t catch. One estimate is three million.

Online, people make it about racism, but it’s only a problem of violence.

The Israeli migrants were involved in violent gang fights. They are young males of military age. If Israel’s problem with African migrants is anything, it’s a cautionary tale for the US.

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Eritrean migrants living in Israel were involved in violent clashes in Israel in September, and Israeli officials vowed to deport them. Prime Minister Netanyahu ordered a deportation plan. They have 60 days to leave or go to prison.

In September, there were fights over rival gangs of Eritreans in South Tel Aviv that left people bloody and wounded.

Eritreans, supporters and opponents of Eritrea’s government, faced off with construction lumber, pieces of metal, and rocks, smashing shop windows and police cars. Israeli police in riot gear shot tear gas, stun grenades, and live rounds while officers on horseback tried to control the protesters.

The courts block the deportations, and these men are not assimilating into Israeli culture.

Under international law, Israel cannot forcibly send migrants back to a country where their life or liberty may be at risk. They can send them to another country willing to take them.

There are 25,500 Africans in Israel.

The point is we have a lot of unvetted Africans in the US, many of whom are Eritreans and Sudanese, coming illegally to the US. They are young, military-age men, coming without women. We should have no expectation of assimilating them, which can only end badly.

The Western World is transforming into something citizens will not like. Still, the politicians continue following the ideology of the UN and other globalists, such as the World Economic Forum, leading us onto the path of war and poverty with open borders and no source of cheap fuel.

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