Dems Who Fled Texas Over Voting Bill Will Be Arrested ‘Once They Step Back Into the State’ – JP


Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) says state House Democrats who fled the state over a voting bill will be arrested upon return.

A large group of Texas Democrats arrived in Washington, D.C., on Monday after leaving the state to block Republicans from enacting new voting restrictions.

As NBC News notes, under the Texas Constitution, to conduct state business in either chamber, the Legislature requires a quorum of two-thirds of lawmakers to be present. Lawmakers who are not present can be legally compelled to come back to the Capitol.

During an appearance on Fox News’s “The Ingraham Angle” Monday, Abbott called the move “un-Texan.”

He added, “They’re quitters.”

Abbott explained he is going to keep calling “special session after special session because over time it is going to continue until they step up to vote.”

Touching on the law itself, Abbott argued it “doesn’t hinder anybody’s ability to vote.”- READ MORE

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