Democrats warn of consequences if Bolsonaro denies vote results


“The U.S. has very solid democratic institutions. And here in Brazil, we tend to think that they are a little bit more fragile. We’re not so sure that we would be able to come out of an event like that,” Jadallah said.

It is difficult for experts to forecast just what shape an election challenge by Bolsonaro would take. Jadallah says she “absolutely” believes he will question the results if he loses, but like Berg she emphasized that Brazilians trust their voting system, the same system that elected Bolsonaro in 2018.

With that in mind, the right-wing populist could aim his attacks at preelection procedures. Berg said those could, for example, target Brazil’s Supreme Federal Court, such as recent rulings to allow two separate probes related to his election fraud claims.

“My gut feeling is that arguments against the actual vote count aren’t going to get him very far,” he added.

In response to Bolsonaro’s fiery rhetoric, some election watchers have questioned whether he would call on the military to help him hold on to power. “In doing so, he is jeopardizing the constitutionally-mandated neutrality of the military,” the Leahy letter stated, flagging that the head of the Brazilian Navy has echoed Bolsonaro’s election fraud claims.

Las Vegas News Magazine

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