Democrats unanimously block giving parental consent before schools can provide “mental health services”


The following contains editorial content which is the opinion of the writer. 

WASHINGTON, DC- Make no mistake about it…Democrats are at war with parents and parental rights. You see they…elected leftist bureaucrats…know more about what is good and right for your children than you do.

That became clear last week when House Democrats unanimously blocked legislation which would have required parental consent prior to a school providing mental health services related to sexual orientation or gender identity to students, The Blaze reports. Get your kids out of public school NOW!

Democrats love to use children as a convenient weapon when it is politically expedient. We usually hear about this when there is a threat of a government shutdown or when Democrats are trying to jam through another pork-laden bill where anything to do with children maybe represents 1/10 of 1% of the entire bill. Otherwise, children are to be used as political pawns for Democrats to suck up to the unhinged leftist fringe of their party.

The House vote, which was 220-208, rejected an attempt by Republicans to amend a bill which would increase mental health care for students, educators and school staff who have been allegedly negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

While it is clear that students have been overwhelmingly impacted by losing (in some cases) nearly two years of in-person learning, including educators and school staff is just another attempt by Democrats to coddle America’s teachers’ unions.

The legislation, titled the Mental Health Matters Act, would award grants to facilitate school-based mental health services providers while increasing the number of professionals providing mental health services to schools in so-called “high-need” areas.

In other words, more union members for the NEA and AFT.

The Department of Education, led by unhinged radical Miguel Cardona, would be in charge of distributing the grants. One would assume those grants will primarily find their way into blue cities and states.

The Republican effort to amend the bill by sending it back to committee was proposed by Rep. Lisa McClain (R-Mich.) who offered a motion to send the bill back and add language adding parental notice and consent prior to their children being provided with mental health services.

Under her proposed amendment, grant recipients would be required to provide parents with “written notice” of mental health or emotional services provided to their children, including any which are “related to the child’s or other children’s sexual orientation or gender identity.”

Wait, isn’t this bill about COVID? Ha, you believed that?

“My amendment…would establish that parents have the right to be informed of any mental health related issues with their children,” McClain said on the House floor last week. “In other words, schools may not hide critical information from parents.”

McClain said her amendment was vital to address increasing incidents where teachers and/or school employees have been “bragging abut how they covertly discuss transgender issues with their students.”

She noted examples of such are easy to find on social media, where these unhinged nuts don’t even try to hide what they are doing.

One such site is Libs of TikTok, where the site shows examples of these people admitting on video that they are actively engaged in trying to indoctrinate children into radical LGBTQ ideology.

These videos typically show these lunatics describing in detail how they teach children about sexual orientation and gender identity without informing parents.

“School officials and personnel are not the parents. School officials and personnel have no right to ignore a parent’s decision on what they think is best for their child,” McClain said.

That didn’t stop Democrats and one clearly unhinged Republican, Rep. Ryan Fitzpatrick (R-Pa.) from voting to block the motion to recommit.

While Democrats, especially those in tight races, have been trying to distance themselves from the far-left lunatic fringe of their party and claiming to be “moderates,” this particular vote shows that there are literally zero moderates on the left in Congress.

House Republican leaders slammed Democrats for opposing the bill to recommit, with House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) saying:

“House Democrats just BLOCKED a bill requiring schools to provide parental notice and obtain consent before offering students health services,” he said. “House Republicans believe parents have rights—including the right to be involved in every decision regarding their child’s health.”

Democrats however claim the Act is needed to address “lingering mental health issues” affecting students post-COVID. They did not however explain what COVID has to do with attempts to transition school students.

“Educators have been forced to play an outsized role in supporting and responding to students’ mental health needs, leading to increased depression among educators, their students, and the families and the community. However, our schools do not have the specialized staff necessary to respond to the increased prevalence and complexity of students’ mental health needs,” the bill’s sponsor, Rep. Mark DeSaulinier (D-Calif.) said.

“Simply put the Mental Health Matters Act delivers the resources students, educators, and families need to improve their well-being,” DeSaulnier continued, according to The Hill.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t “deliver the resources” parents need to make sure their children aren’t being indoctrinated by leftist perverts. Sorry, the whole “for the kids” shtick rings hollow in this case.

For more on what is going on in our schools, we invite you to:


The following includes editorial content which is the opinion of the writer. 

ANYTOWN, USA- While this writer is by no means a fan of Chinese-owned TikTok, the social media app has accomplished one thing (besides giving the Chinese a bunch of intel).

That is, it has outed the truly deranged, unhinged lunatics in society, sadly many of whom occupy teaching positions in public schools.

The go-to site for all things loony left, Libs of TikTok recently shared a video in which an elementary school teacher admitted she “indirectly” signals her third graders about her bisexuality, while criticizing her co-workers for “hurting” students because they choose not to use their “preferred pronouns” and “chosen names,” Post Millennial reports.

Remember when elementary school teachers taught stuff like reading, writing and arithmetic? That is no longer the case. Now kids are taught about preferred pronouns and all manner of woke ideology, often times behind their parents’ backs.

“I am an openly queer teacher,” @zombriii94 pronounced on TikTok to her whopping 161 followers.

Brianna Rose, as she’s otherwise known by, then announced, “I wear a bi flag watch band and bi flag bracelets,” proudly showing them on the video.

“In my classroom I keep a rainbow flag; my kids know what it means.”

The teacher, sporting a bright purple hairdo (don’t they all?) continues, explaining to her audience that her being “openly queer” apparently means her students trust her more.

She claimed that two students had approached her, asking if she could use “they/them” pronouns when speaking about them, while also asking if she could pass that on to other summer school teachers.

You can pretty much guarantee that these young skulls full of mush didn’t come up with these alternate pronouns all by themselves. Clearly this teacher dropped it on them, and like most children do, they sucked it into their tiny little brains like it was somehow normal.

“I said, ‘kiddos I would love to do that for you, I’m so glad you trusted me with this information.’”

The groomer then mentioned that one of the students asked to be called by a different name, “one that is not gendered as what they were born as.”

Again, we are talking third-graders…probably eight or nine-years old. What would they possibly know about “identifying” as something else unless they were taught?

However, our story doesn’t go so well for our resident groomer. When she passed on to the other teachers of the alleged request by the children to use preferred pronouns and a chosen name, they reprimanded her, telling her it “was not appropriate for me to communicate.”

She complained the other teachers ignored the requests to “participate in their social transition” by using different names and pronouns.

As recently as maybe five years ago, this teacher would be locked up for child abuse. Now, as the less than one percent of the population, everyone runs scared of going against the alphabet community and offending a member of the “protected class.”

Oh, but our hero was having none of this. She looked squarely into her camera and scolded those who oppose her abuse of young children:

“I don’t care what you believe, but when you refuse to respect a queer child’s request for pronoun and name changes, you are hurting them.”

This is they typical talking points coming from groomers such as this lady…of you “misgender” you are now committing violence.

That statement however flies in the face of what some therapists say, expressing the belief that socially transitioning young kids is actually harmful, taking a transitory phase or “experiment” among some kids and instead making it a permanent gender dysphoria.

This many times leads to making harmful, life-altering decisions such as puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and in severe cases, gender transition surgery and sterility.

In Biden’s America, however, transitioning young children without parental consent is becoming more commonplace. For example, some schools offer individualized “gender support plans” that have the student indicate if they want their parents notified or not.

As Law Enforcement Today previously reported, some schools actually offer so-called “transition closets,” where students can change into clothing that more closely aligns with their “gender identity” while at school, and then change back before heading home.

The statistics also bear out that schools are taking it upon themselves in increasing numbers of cases to groom children in trans ideology.

According to a Pew Research Center survey:

“About three-in-ten parents of K-12 students (29%) say at least one of their children has learned about people who are transgender or nonbinary from a teacher or another adult at their school.”

This creates a number of issues, according to evolutionary biologist Colin Wright. He notes that “using children’s preferred pronouns and chosen name is not about acceptance of differences, but rather about facilitating a radical ideology that believes whether a child is a boy or girl has nothing to do with their sex, and everything to do with their subjective ‘gender identity.’”

According to Wright, this ideology “can cause children to become convinced they’re transgender when they are simply gender nonconforming.”

For our previous report on “transition closets,” we invite you to:


The following includes editorial content which is the opinion of the writer. 

Are you familiar with “transition closets?” In simple terms, they are the primary reason why parents need to homeschool their children.

PJ Media, citing a report in the Epoch Times, reports that the so-called “trans closets” have been making an appearance in public schools throughout California and elsewhere.

For people who opposed gay marriage when it was legalized by the Supreme Court years ago, there was a concern that this was only the first step, that the alphabet mafia would take this small victory and continue pushing their radical agenda. “Love is love” is one thing…targeting our kids is a far different conversation.

For example, as PJ Media notes, last year, a group called the “San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus” got itself in a jackpot after it released a song whereby the chorus bragged that:

“We’ll convert your children…We’re coming for your children.” This was a clear warning that the radical LGBTLMNOP were targeting children. As we have seen over the past year, nothing could be clearer.

Back to “transition closets.” In a piece in PJ Media in March, Megan Fox explained the idea behind them.

“The whole point of a trans closet in a school with minors is to allow students to hide their ‘gender identity’ from their parents.”

In other words, little Johnny gets dressed for schools in clothing appropriate for little boys.

However when he gets to school, little Johnny, with full approval by the public schools goes into a “trans closet,” changes into girls’ clothes and spends the day playing make believe as a “girl.”

At the end of the day, Johnny goes back to the “trans closet,” changes back into his gender appropriate clothing and goes back home, his parents none the wiser that the school for which they pay taxes has contributed to their child’s psychological decline.

Here is Amaure Rousch, CEO of The Transition Closet:

Democrats unanimously block amendment granting parental consent before schools can provide "mental health services"
Amare Roush, CEO of The Transition Closet. These people help influence your kids.

The fact of the matter is, public school teachers (oh, it happens in private schools too, make no mistake about it) aren’t even trying to necessarily hide what they’re doing any longer. A teacher in California on TikTok (where a collection of social misfits congregate) said exactly what they are up to:

“The goal of the transition closet is for our students to wear the clothes that their parents approve of, come to school and then swap out into the clothes that fit who they truly are.”

In other words, public schools are engaged in circumventing the will of parents and are actively working to engage in nothing less than child abuse. Yet, they get away with it.

Last week at a White House event, our delusional “commander in chief” actually said the quiet part out loud, when he asserted that children don’t belong to parents “when they’re in the classroom.”

“They’re all our children. And the reason you’re the teachers of the year is because you recognize that. They’re not somebody else’s children. They’re like yours when they’re in the classroom,” Biden said, according to Yahoo News.

Later in his remarks, Biden railed against politicians “trying to ban books, even math books.” What he failed to mention is the books that some are attempting to ban may indeed be “math books,” however they relate math to concepts such as critical race theory or LGBTQ indoctrination. They are clearly being used to push a radical left agenda.

According to PJ Media, the teacher in the TikTok video isn’t just a wacko low-level teacher. His name is Thomas Martin-Edwards, founder of an organization called the “Queer Teacher Fellowship,” and is listed on his Twitter page as the assistant principal of San Ramon Valley High School. However it is believed he may in fact have moved on, since Epoch Times has him listed as a Spanish teacher in the Oakland (CA) Unified School District.

Epoch Times notes that Martin-Edwards “is also transgender. He has posted himself in the classroom showing off the stilettos he wears to school.” The question is, why? Why do these teachers find it necessary to discuss what they do in the privacy of their homes with their students? Do straight teachers discuss their sexual adventures with their students in the classroom?

We would submit that if they did, the police would be knocking on their doors and they would also be seeking new employment. Why is it different with the alphabet community?

A more important question is why are teachers and school administrators trying to hide what they’re doing from parents? If what they are doing is indeed “normal” as they assert, why are they doing so in secret?

According to Amare Roush, who founded The Transition Closet claims the secrecy is being implemented for the students’ “protection:”

“We do provide a safe space for kids whose parents are not accepting, because it’s known to help lower the suicide rate. These kids are going to do it anyway, we just want a way to provide them with a way to do it safely to where they’re not wearing clothes that are too small for them, or doing so in a way that’s going to get them hurt by their parents.”

Did you get that? They’re trying to “save” the kids from their parents. Unbelievable.

How much is this new woke educational system actually contributing to the so-called “gender confusion” these kids are experiencing? As PJ Media notes, would kids even give this stuff a second thought “if teachers weren’t presenting it as something good and acceptable and even heroic in the face of parental opposition and obstinacy? Would they do it if doing it weren’t celebrated and lauded everywhere?” We propose probably not. But since this now appears to be the “cool” thing to do, the shiny new object, obviously kids are attracted to it.

The presence of these trans closets is fairly new in the K-12 world, however, have been apparently available on college campuses for years. Epoch Times notes that “Marshall University, the University of Arkansas, Penn State, and the University of California are among colleges that have been operating trans closets for years.”

While our primary adversaries in the world—Russia and China—are on the move academically and militarily, the United States is engaged in woke transgender indoctrination of our youngest and most vulnerable. What does this portend for the future of our country?

Rome, anyone?

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