Democrats Are Intolerant Racists and We Know Why


By now, pretty much everyone has heard the Democrats’ incessant claim that they are the (only!) party of true tolerance and inclusion. But have you noticed lately how their well-crafted facade is slipping faster than Joe Biden’s anemic poll numbers? While it’s not really new to any of us who follow politics, the Democrats showing their racism so blatantly is new.

Speaking of Good Ol’ Democratic Joe, if he’s such an inclusive and non-racist, why did he recently feel the need to divide Americans into purely racial groups like “African-American and Hispanic workers and veterans”? And why did he further declare that those specific races of people are “you know, the workers without high school diplomas”? Maybe Grandpa Joe has forgotten it’s 2023 and not 1963.

And if that wasn’t cringy enough, how about this embarrassing incident where Biden fumbled rap legend LL Cool J’s name in a lame attempt to sound hip and then called him “boy”? Yikes. And the sad thing is, that wasn’t even the first time Good Ol’ Joe has used that tired racist epithet to refer to a black person, and it won’t be the last, which kinda makes it impossible to believe it was a slip, right?

His cognitive problems aside, you have to feel sorry for the old guy since it must really be difficult for a hardened old segregationist like him to not only remember it’s 2023 but that that kind of bigotry of low expectations really isn’t in vogue among his party’s Klan members cohorts anymore. I mean, it’s been years since his beloved KKK white-sheet-wearing and white supremacist mentor Robert Byrd descended into Hell left the planet, but Biden’s a busy guy with an unprecedented number of vacations to attend, none of which will involve a trip to America’s over-run southern border.

Meanwhile, as PJ Media reported, there’s the New York Democratic Governor Kathy Hochul, who “pleaded with illegal aliens that ‘there must be other cities’ they could go to because New York City is ‘truly out of space’ to squeeze them in.”  I mean, how racist can you get not wanting all those poor habitual criminal trespassing “migrants” to come to your welcoming state? Just because Hochul welcomed them in from afar and the Democrats’ own lack of immigration policies incentivized every poor person from every hostile corner of the world to come to America, it certainly doesn’t mean they should actually come to live in New York because they should stay in Texas, well,  that’s just virtue-signaling crazy.

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How racist is New York City Mayor Eric Adams? Pretty racist. He doesn’t want any more of those dirty virtuous “migrants” in his pristine city either. In fact, Adams recently claimed they will “destroy” The Big Apple.

Adams has complained about the city’s illegal immigrants overflowing because of that dastardly Texas “madman,” Republican Governor Greg Abbott, who buses illegal immigrants north to self-declared sanctuary cities. What a madman!

NIMBY, amirite, Adams?

Then there’s Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson, who said, “Chicago will always be a welcoming city and a champion for the rights of our immigrant and refugee communities,” which apparently means illegal immigrants have the right to live in tent city communities. How compassionate.

If the Democratic Party really truly cared about the millions of illegal immigrants invading our southern border, they’d tell them to stay home, not encourage them with false promises to risk violent assaults, rape, disease, and death coming to a country that can’t take care of them.

In the end, the reason Democrats weaponized racism and hate for the last half a century or more is to fuel their ruthless pursuit of power at any cost. Now, they’re just not hiding it anymore.

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