Democratic socialist on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors wants to prohibit security guards from drawing weapons to defend property


Democratic socialist Dean Preston, a member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, has announced that he will push legislation to prohibit security guards from drawing a weapon to defend property.

Preston said that people’s lives are of greater importance than property.

“Today, I’m announcing legislation to limit use of guns by security guards. We must amend local law to prohibit guards from drawing weapons just to protect property. Human life is more important than property,” Preston tweeted.

Preston’s proposal drew criticism on social media.

“San Francisco is practically a criminal haven. They have one store after the next closing specifically because of the non-stop theft. And their political leadership is focused on trying to stop security guards instead of the people robbing those stores. Decline is a choice,” someone tweeted in response to Preston’s announcement.

“I agree human life is more important than property, but everyone has the right to defend their property and their life. So here’s an idea… perhaps the criminals who steal other people’s property should place a higher value on their own lives, and stop doing crime?” Christina Pushaw tweeted.

“Stop trying to pass more laws to protect criminals. That’s insane behavior. Pass laws protecting law abiding citizens,” T.J. Moe tweeted.

According to his website, Preston wants “fundamental change” at all levels of government.

“As a Democratic Socialist, Dean advocates for fundamental change at the local, state, and national levels. He believes everyone deserves a dignified, productive, and healthy life through universal policies like Medicare for All, social housing, and free education,” the website states.

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