Dem Fail: NYC Felony Assaults on Women Spike 41% in 4 Years


Democrats love to pretend they are the party most empathetic to women, most likely to champion women’s rights. But a new report says felony assaults on women increased 41% in Democrat-run New York City in the last four years.

NYC has become infamous for its disastrous crime policies, but the new statistic reported by the New York Post on Oct. 7 clearly illustrates just how little Democrats really care about helping and protecting Americans, especially American women:

Physical attacks on women have surged a shocking 41% over the last four years, according to disturbing NYPD data obtained by The Post.

Through Oct. 1 this year, 2,830 women have been the victims of felony assault, excluding domestic violence, compared to 2,006 just four years ago.

The attacks, ranging from random subway shoves to vicious beatings, have jumped 5% from the same period last year, when 2,699 women were felony assault victims…Overall, felony and misdemeanor assaults on all genders are both up 6% citywide this year.

The most obvious contributing factor here, of course, is New York City’s soft-on-crime policies. Women are blaming city officials for the fact that criminals are quickly released and left to roam the streets under NYC bail laws, committing assaults sometimes on dozens of different people.

One shocking example is Jordan Neely, the man whom leftists tried to make into a martyr this year when young Marine Daniel Penny subdued him with a chokehold that ended up (seemingly by accident) causing Neely’s death on a Manhattan subway. There was an arrest warrant out for Neely at the time of his death, and he had a shocking 44 prior arrests, including for multiple assaults and attempted child abduction. Neely is exactly the sort of violent criminal arrested and released again and again in Democrat NYC.

The Post:

“It seemed like a while ago, it was old Asian people, and now it’s young women,” one 27-year-old told The Post, three weeks after a stranger sucker-punched her in the face at the West 4th Street subway station. “It feels like men just hate us.”

She ripped ex-Mayor Bill de Blasio and his comrades for pushing to empty the city’s jails during the pandemic and lashed out at city pols for passing legislation to cut down on the number of people in custody as part of its goal to close Rikers Island.

But I would bet that illegal immigration is also a factor. Thousands if not hundreds of thousands of barely-vetted young migrant men have poured into New York in the past few years, particularly this year, as woke NYC is a sanctuary city. There are tens of thousands of criminals and potential terrorists among the migrants crossing illegally into the United States, and it wouldn’t exactly be shocking if illegal aliens were driving at least some of the felony assaults against women.

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Unfortunately, Democrat states and cities usually don’t track illegal alien crime, because they don’t want to know the truth. Since Texas logged over 430,000 crimes committed by illegal aliens in the state since 2011, however, I’m willing to bet NYC has similar problems.

But don’t expect Democrats to change their ways and punish criminals. Democrats are always on the side of the victimizers, not the victims.

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