DeLoser: Florida Governor Continues Free Fall


Last Updated on September 22, 2023

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ presidential poll numbers have plummeted. New GOP Primary polling shows DeSantis is polling at less than 20% in Iowa. Even worse news for the Florida Governor is that he is pulling in the single digits in New Hampshire. DeSantis’ polling disaster can be attributed to the Florida Governor being exposed as a globalist tool.

Fox News polling in Iowa shows Trump holding a massive lead over the GOP field. Trump sits at 46%, followed by DeSantis at 15%, Haley at 11%, Scott at 7%, Ramaswamy at 7%, Pence at 3%, Christie at 3%, Burgum at 2%, Binkley at 1% and Johnson at 1%.

DeSantis has been Fox News’ choice to win the GOP nomination from the start. The fact that the Florida Governor can’t crack 20% in a poll run by a favored network shows just how much trouble he is really in.

DeSantis’ free fall in Iowa can be attributed to Trump’s exposure of DeSantis as a free trade globalist. DeSantis’ free trade policy would flood the American market with goods produced from foreign farms, thus killing family farms across Iowa.

The Florida Governor is doing even worse in New Hampshire. Polling from The Granite State has Donald Trump at 42%, Nikki Haley (not her real name) at 14%, Chris Christie at 10%, Ron DeSantis at 8%, Vivek Ramaswamy at 5%, Tim Scott at 5%, Doug Burgum at 4%, Asa Hutchison at 1%, Perry Johnson at 1% and Mike Pence at 1%.

DeSantis falling to third place and under double digits is a complete embarrassment, considering DeSantis has more money compared to all other candidates not named Donald Trump.

Despite these horrific numbers, Team Desantis is still living in denial and believes they can somehow win the GOP nomination. Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds is expected to endorse DeSantis soon. This move makes no sense for her politically as Reynolds’ approval rating in Iowa has drastically fallen since she started appearing with the Florida Governor.

The only major question remaining is whether the globalist throw their resources behind Glenn Young Kin or if they will wait to back the Democrat nominee.

Stay with National File as 2024 inches closer and closer.

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