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People want to come to America, but sometimes the why gets lost in the politics of it. We have allowed people of hostile cultures to come here – in so doing, they seek to transform America into their image rather than assimilate into our way of life. Dearborn, Michigan hasn’t been a part of the United States for some time… at least ideologically.

Dearborn, Michigan is a microcosm of the problem with bringing hostile migrants to America. Some of the antisemitic members of Congress are prime examples: they hate the United States and are constantly bashing us despite being elected to the US Congress. Their far-left ideology is antithetical to our own way of life – some were born here from immigrant parents; some are immigrants themselves.

Islamists use Sharia – their religious law- as means to avoid assimilation into American culture. Among the standard immigrants from the Middle East and Africa also came the radical Islamic groups who refuse to assimilate and view the Western world as a danger to Islam. The radical Islamic immigrant influences the ordinary people…and we have thousands of them. They view America as a place of conquest, not a place to settle down and assimilate.  Hamas has adopted the ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood, according to a report in JP.

The American experiment with immigration has always presumed that those coming to the United States had the intention of becoming Americans, putting aside old allegiances, and thereby integrating into society. It was also understood that immigrants would endeavor to keep elements of their cultural and religious traditions intact in the New World, and that some of these may even eventually be adopted and “Americanized” by the native populace.

Yet when Muslim immigrants began coming to the United States, they faced a substantial challenge to their assimilation into the American melting pot. At the same time Muslim migrants arrived in America, elements of the Muslim Brotherhood, an Islamist political movement intent on imposing Islamic law and re-establishing an Islamic “caliphate” came with them. While others came to America seeking all it had to offer, the Brotherhood came to America as a force of conquest. Early U.S. Muslim Brotherhood thinkers argued that a “civilizational battle” raged between Islam and the West, and that the West sought to corrupt Muslims with their Western ways.” Kyle Shideler, Center for Security Policy webinar, May 2020

This is exactly why the US should not accept refugees from Gaza, and why the US must absolutely close its borders. Among the people there are terrorists in disguise. Their influence over the others is an extreme danger to us. It is impossible to check their backgrounds, since many of the nations from which they come have little real security infrastructure, at least one as well-connected as ours. And ours fails often.



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