DCCC picks 29 ‘Frontline’ members for extra help next year – JP


“House Republicans have shown voters their caucus is more concerned with political investigations, empowering extremists, and seeking power for themselves, than working to improve the lives of everyday families — and that will stand in clear contrast to the formidable Democratic Frontliners,” she said. “Democrats will have great offensive opportunities in 2024, and holding onto these seats is key to our path to reclaiming the majority.”

The Frontline list does not include GOP-held seats in such states as California and New York that House Democrats view as part of their formula for winning  the majority in 2024. The DCCC will identify those targets later, and will include them in programs such as its Red to Blue designation. The Frontline list also does not include open-seat swing districts, such as Michigan’s 7th, where Rep. Elissa Slotkin is leaving to run for Senate. 

“Even before the parties know their full list of offensive targets, it’s pretty easy to figure out where they’ll be playing defense,” said CQ JP elections analyst Nathan L. Gonzales.  “There’s no harm in an early warning system to point potential donors and partners to the incumbents who might be in the most trouble. Vulnerable incumbents might not have challengers yet, but they can start raising money now with the expectation of a serious race.”

Democrats need to win a net five seats to take back the majority in 2024. The DCCC raised more than $8 million in January, according to Federal Election Commission records, and had $17.2 million cash on hand. It also held $16 million in debt. 

Its GOP counterpart, the National Republican Congressional Committee, raised more than $4.5 million in January, FEC records show, and had $17.5 million on hand and $14 million in debt. 

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