Dana Perino Attended Clinton Global Initiative Meeting With Hillary Days Before Moderating Fox’s GOP Debate


Last Updated on September 29, 2023

Bush 43 Press Secretary turned Fox News host, Dana Perino, introduced “the amazing Secretary Hillary Clinton” at the Clinton Global Initiative’s annual meeting, where she worked as a moderator for globalist round table discussions roughly just one week before she moderated Fox’s September 27th GOP presidential debate.

Fox’s Dana Perino lauded “The Amazing Secretary Hillary Clinton” when she introduced the failed presidential candidate and widely-accused war criminal at the Clinton Global Initiative’s annual meeting. The meeting was held between September 18th and 19th, just days before Perino moderated Fox News’ September 27th GOP presidential debate, where she was joined behind the moderators’ table by fellow Fox anchor Stuart Varney, and left-wing Univision reporter Ilia Calderón.

In video footage taken of Perino at the Clinton Global Initiative meeting, the longtime political and corporate media insider stood behind a podium as she told the crowd “You are here to see the amazing Secretary Hillary Clinton.”

“Here she is,” Perino added, before music played and Hillary walked toward the podium, with the pair sharing a close handshake at center stage.

Oddly, as Clinton took the stage, Perino appeared to snap to attention, much like a soldier would do in the army. This is glaringly noticeable around the 9 to 11-second marks in the video footage of the event, which can be viewed below.

Watch Dana Perino introduce ‘the amazing Hillary Clinton’ at CGI’s 2023 meeting below: 

In addition to introducing “the amazing Secretary Hillary Clinton”, according to a Clinton Global Initiative webpage, Dana Perino moderated roundtable-style discussions between high-profile globalists, including Hillary Clinton herself.

Though the Clinton Global Initiative has praised Perino’s moderation at the annual meeting, GOP presidential debate viewers have slammed Perino and her cohort for what they’re calling a lackluster performance and a total lack of control over the flow of the debate.

What’s more, is that during the debate, Perino even appeared to scheme with the establishment-backed candidates on stage, telling them that if several of them don’t drop out of the race and get behind a single candidate, they won’t be able to stop 45th President Trump from winning the GOP presidential nomination.

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