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With the United States military services continuing to struggle to recruit new service members, there is one former Marine, Dan Clor of American Warrior Festival, who is taking a unique approach to help.

Rochester, NY: The United States military recruiting numbers are dipping and the concerns of our military readiness are expanding. Every branch of our military is struggling to recruit new members for the military. According to the U.S Army, 50% of young Americans know little to nothing about military service. 71% of youth don’t qualify for military service, and only 1% of U.S. population currently serves.

The reasons for it are complex – and ultimately – irrelevant.

And just about every American knows our military is behind where it traditionally was. And with the growing threats from dangerous and unpredictable international adversaries like China, Russia and Iran, there’s a lot to be concerned about.

  • Are we prepared for a major conflict?
  • Is the current amount of servicemembers enough?
  • Who is the next enemy?

These are all valid questions. And when we look to answer them, the average response is troubling. So what do we do, what can we do, who can do it?

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Meet Dan Clor of AWF

There’s one gentleman and former Marine who is giving it his all to be the solution – one recruit at a time. And the method he is taking is both unique and becoming increasingly effective.

This Marine is Dan Clor of AWF, American Warrior Festival and also of Strength In Numbers Entertainment.

Dan is targeting the 71% who don’t qualify and the 50% of youth that know little to nothing about military service. In an exclusive interview, we sat down with Dan to discuss his past, present and future goals. As a former Marine, he understands the many reasons for the recruiting crisis, and offers an incredible solution.

“Many kids are interested in military service but fall short in qualifying. Some are in poor physical condition and cannot pass the physical testing requirements. Others struggle with education and cannot pass the ASVAB [Armed Forces Vocational Aptitude Battery] test. And some have disciplinary issues, even criminal backgrounds that prevent them from enlisting,” Dan told LET.

Dan finds that music is a common ground for almost everyone. A strong part of his formula. Image courtesy of Daniel Delucenay Photography.

This is the 71% of those who don’t qualify. Dan has a solution for the 50% that nothing little about military service.

“Another one of our missions is to introduce military service to those who don’t really know much about the military, especially troubled kids. From personal experience, I understand how the military can help the youth stay out of trouble. Because once a kid gets into trouble, they sometimes cannot get out of it. So we help at-risk youth and steer them in the right direction, and military service is often the best answer for them,” Dan said.

He continued, “I also chose to help kids because when I was teaching children music lessons, I found it fulfilling. So now I put those two passions together – helping young people and music.”

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Veterans Get Help, Too

But Dan has a big heart and wants to help everyone he can. He found a way to help veterans, too.

“I have friends who are veterans who struggled with the mental health challenges associated with military service during their combat tours. And we found that pairing a veteran with a young man or woman is the way to go. It gives the veteran a strong sense of purpose, improves their mental health and helps the young person learn about military service and what to expect. It’s sort of a mentorship program,” said Dan.

A veteran is teaching recruits about handling a weapon. Courtesy of AWF.

He continued, “And for those who cannot join the military due to academics or physical performance, our veteran mentors can help there too. They have all taken the test and understand what physical requirements are needed to join.”

Dan found another outlet to bring both veterans, active duty service members and young recruits under one roof – with music.

American Warrior Festival

Dan Clor of AWF is a highly acclaimed and accomplished musician. He plays the guitar like a true professional and isn’t shy about getting behind the microphone. Being a true fan of music, he understands how it brings people from all walks of life together.

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“We use music as a common ground for everyone involved in the mentorship program. We not only want to give recruits, service members and veterans the help and knowledge they need, we want to give them a form of entertainment that will almost certainly lift their spirits. It’s great for camaraderie, fellowship and that ‘esprit-de-corps’ found in all branches of the military,” Dan said.

american warrior festival
The official logo courtesy of AWF.

Although AWF is new as a nonprofit, they are making quick waves. They have already helped 8 kids pass through the ASVAB prep program, 5 Marines, 2 Army and 1 National Guard soldier with many more in the pipeline.

Dan continues to get his message out to help people. He spends a lot of time and resources trying to spread his message out to the community. He can regularly be seen chatting with business owners and influential people to help get his message out, attract sponsors and inspiring others to chip in in any way they can.

And he will not rest until the Unites States military is fully stocked with qualified and motivated young recruits who will stand ready to protect this great nation.

For more information about Dan and the American Warrior Festival mission go to their website at https://americanwarriorfestival.com.

You can also donate to AWF by clicking here.

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