Cuba’s President Demands Cubans Defend The Revolution From Pro-Democracy Protesters – JP


Cuba’s President Miguel Díaz-Canel is calling on the Communist regime’s supporters to “defend[] the revolution” against pro-democracy protesters who marched on government buildings Sunday and warning demonstrators that the Cuban government is “willing to do anything” to stay in power.

Journalists covering the scene in Cuba, which descended into chaos Sunday, reported that Cuba’s President is “setting the stage for civil war,” as demonstrations rage on.

“In an impromptu televised address later in the afternoon, Díaz-Canel blamed the protests on U.S. efforts to tighten the embargo, with the alleged intention to ‘provoke a social uprising’ that would justify a military intervention,” the Miami Herald reported.

“The order to fight has been given – into the street, revolutionaries!” Diaz-Canal reportedly told Cubans. “We are calling on all the revolutionaries in the country, all the Communists, to hit the streets wherever there is an effort to produce these provocations.”

“We are not going to hand over the sovereignty or the independence of the people,” Diaz said, per the Miami Herald. “There are many revolutionaries in this country who are willing to give our lives, we are willing to do anything, and we will be in the streets fighting.”

On Monday, Diaz-Canel again addressed the demonstrations in a speech, according to The Washington Post, though the outlet added that the President’s tone was “less vulgar than the day before.” In that address, Diaz-Canel denounced the protesters as “vulgar criminals” and “decried ‘those who seek to discredit the revolution and fracture the unity of our country.’” – READ MORE

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